BASCE events committee

The BASCE events committee was formed at the start of 2021. They will be organizing a series of events over the course of this year to develop the community of environmental humanities scholars in the Benelux. Feel free to reach out to with questions or suggestions.

Laura op de Beke is a PhD fellow at the University of Oslo. Her project looks at Anthropocene temporalities in videogames: including progress, flow, crisis, and failure. She is also the founder and co-convenor of the online reading group

Rosanne van der Voet is a PhD Candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Sheffield. Her project explores what kinds of stories can make the environmental crisis of the oceans tangible, with a particular focus on the coast of South-Holland.

David Lombard is a research fellow at the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research (F.R.S.-FNRS) and a Ph.D. candidate in literary studies at the ULiège and KU Leuven in Belgium (joint degree). His project consists in a rhetorical and narratological analysis of the sublime in contemporary U.S. literature.

Deborah Schrijvers is an Ad Astra PhD scholar at University College Dublin within the department Environmental Humanities at the School of English, Drama and Film. Her research focuses on decolonizing extinction, paying special attention to gender and race through analyses of contemporary, transnational literature, film and art.