BASCE E-Zine: Call for artistic responses

The summer is a time for thinking and doing things differently. It’s a time of adventure, as well as boredom. A time for sleeping in, and staying up. A time that lends itself just as well to field-philosophy as it does to frivolous thinking. We are interested in collecting some of this serious frivolity to be showcased in a zine this fall.

This is a call for artistic responses to the environmentally precarious conditions of modern life by people who may not identify as artists (although professional artists are welcome to respond as well). Perhaps you’re just a person who doodles, or maybe you are a fantastic dreamer, a storyteller, a gothic soul, or an incorrigible jokester. However you cope and mediate your experience of the unfolding climate crisis, this call invites you to consider sharing your thoughts and visions for the future with others who are equally adrift on the rising tide of the present. 

Submission may include but are not limited to: 

  • Sun-drunk musings on the fate of the world
  • Creepy microfiction (terrify us in 50 words or less, we dare you!)
  • Poetry that makes us want to taste it 
  • Photographs of forgotten places
  • Doodles of dogs and other kin
  • Sketches of strangers
  • Correspondence from alien pen pals
  • Legends and myths – real or imaginary

Submissions may be in English, French or Dutch and may not exceed 500 words in length. Images should be PNGs or Jpegs and should be accompanied with one or two lines of context.

Deadline August 31, 2021. Postponed to 1 October 2021

Questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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